Historic Codes Reveal Answer of Well being and health, COVID Immunity and Perpetual Youth at Any Age
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Historic Codes Reveal Answer of Well being and health, COVID Immunity and Perpetual Youth at Any Age

“And now I provide you with a brand new commandment – love a single yet one more”: John 13-34

These revealing phrases at 1st look would appear noble and straight forward. However, on deeper reflection, they elevate highly effective considerations. This form of as: why need of a brand new commandment offered we now have ten commandments unto Moses – Moses this implies, you/me as ethical individual.

In greedy ‘new commandment’ comprehension, a degree of human life desires to be thought of esoterically: that, we every seem in to this globe spiritually inactive, spiritually asleep in mortal our bodies with mortal minds.

This posting will decode the time period ‘commandment(s)’, and take care of how gaining COVID immunity is our latent means.

However first,

1 Corinthians 15: 35-58 ‘man is preliminary pure then religious’.

Corinthians would make it esoterically noticeable that John 13-34 will not be referring to loving each human being in the complete world with human psychological adore as this form of.

Considerably, due to to the inherited ‘pure individual/mortal thoughts’ regular, John 13–34 is completely about particular person remodel, transformation — a caterpillar-butterfly-like metamorphosis. And, as we will see, this ‘change’ enhancements all of the issues past the ‘pure male/mortal thoughts’ standing – ‘man’ turning into symbolism for ‘thoughts’.

Because of accumulations of regular individual transgressions — prior to non secular awakening — instant conscious romance with God was not possible. However now, ‘new commandment’ reveals precisely how spiritual male/mind is come on, understood as instant notion in consciousness how this inside modify enhancements the total physiology from ‘pure’ to non secular, base metal to gold, mortal to immortal, now, on this incarnation, and that when encounter, the standing isn’t ever shed.

What are Commandments?

Commandments, when seeming as 10 particular person dictates, symbolize common guidelines, the innumerable beneath no circumstances-modifying legal guidelines of nature, which beneath no circumstances-shifting tips are responsible for the at any time-transforming phenomenal earth, and the evolution of all creation’. ‘New commandment’ in consequence will not be an addition to the acquainted 10 commandments, alternatively, are one specific and the an identical combine Full.

Allow us to tease this out:

Digit 1 = Man + digit [Divine] = 10, which means Completeness. The intervening digits 2—9 representing the evolution of the 1 — purely pure individual/ideas — to 10, so undivided or wholeness. Commandment singular subsequently is directive, indicating the unrelenting transfer of directional knowledge. An inner displaying of the way in which in the way to stay spiritually.

With 10 the symbolism for Wholeness, Completeness, therefore, 10-10, as a Commandment, signifies our suggests unto Unity consciousness, unto everlasting Regulation regular. In different textual content, moderately than studying by way of as 10 separate commandment guidelines, ideally it must be acknowledged to look at ‘Commandment of 10’ – commandment of Unity, of Unconditional Adore, of Completeness, of 1+ = 10.

New Commandment subsequently is reenforcing man’s crucial unto completeness, unto wholeness of consciousness. A soul in preferrred concord with – whereas on the similar time over and above — the rules of nature: a soul-religious concordance with the innumerable undeviating guidelines nonetheless free of their ‘pure man’ grip.

Acknowledged in everlasting existence, the Coronary heart retains His commandment of Adore usually for progressive cosmic-non secular expression solely. Just like the caterpillar, the very important for people is soul-launch from the cocoon of karmic bondage unto everlasting Butterfly standing of Take pleasure in, thus launch from compelling transgressions of the rules of mom nature and related struggling.

So, let’s break this verse down into extra digestible chunks, proper after which we’ll simplify the decoded language and expose the place by exactly inside simply the human physiology this new commandment is alluding, and the way virtually the Alchemy can happen.

John 13-34 decoded

“Jesus mentioned” – the biblical establish ‘Jesus’ is a-provided title referencing Wonderful, or Nice Male or Thoughts, the latent Christ Potential inside every soul awaiting ‘religious start’ unto consciousness. Phrases subsequent “Jesus defined” are Higher Knowledge: emanations of the innate Doubtless — Excellent Ideas.

‘And’ – consequent of inner awakening

‘Now’ – everlasting current minute

‘I’ – Potential consciousness – Larger ‘I’ versus decrease-ego ‘I’.

‘Give’ – directive information or divine revelation

‘You’ – unto our spiritually evolving thoughts

“A’ – distinct

‘New” – capability of Pure Consciousness not earlier possible in ‘pure man’ regular.

“Commandment” vibrational Adore resonance: setup of the anxious program facilitating Pure Consciousness particularly.

“Actually like a single a distinct” – integration of the 12 cranial nerves within the thoughts: Alchemy methodology within the human anxious methodology.

Set yet one more approach

“And now” – acknowledging Increased Self.

I – Consciousness as ‘I Am’ the everlasting consciousness.

“provide you with” – revelation unto our religious Self.

“a brand new” – capability of realizing eternal each day life over and above the spiritually asleep ‘pure man’ level out.

“commandment” – Directive: All-Being conscious of intelligence/information past human deduction or realizing.

“Adore an individual a further” Awakening the mechanisms within the thoughts and nervous methodology to face as much as a much bigger level out of consciousness — transcendental consciousness — although nonetheless within the relative ‘time’ setting, in consequence harmonization of inner colleges — mind/nervous program — with the undeviating laws of mom nature, the commandments.


And Now [in the Transcendent Moment] I give [infuse] unto consciousness — unto the mind/anxious program/physiology, a better vibration from which to evolve spiritually – that of pure transcendental consciousness, therefore, immortal place.

Kundalini, 12 Apostles and the 12 Cranial Nerves

It really is intriguing that, Jesus, in John 13-33, addresses the apostles: “you [as natural man] usually are not in a position to go the place by I’m going”. Then, in John 13-34 reveals precisely how we get to the place by he IS and, how accessing ‘the place I’m going’ is by initiating new commandment standing unto consciousness.

The 12 apostles, after all, usually are not 12 particular women and men. They depict one’s inside means unto wholeness — in numerology 12, 10, 7, 3 characterize completeness. ‘Apostles’ thus are titles or symbolisms representing points of the thoughts and its potential for spiritual development — along side the spinal column. So the spinal column is the all-essential web site hyperlink between thoughts, human physique and greater states of consciousness.

Apostles and cranial nerves in consequence are a single and the very same dynamic, every particular person created for bringing about inventive physiological unity for divine expression: ‘followers’ or neuron conduits facilitating spiritual on a regular basis dwelling or, dwelling by the Holy Spirit. These 12 colleges combined, along side the spinal column, represent the central anxious system responsible for coordination of the entire precise bodily physique and its cosmically aligned motion.

There’s additionally the peripheral nervous methodology: a community of nerves, neurons or nadis that be a part of the physique with the central nervous methodology.Subsequently the human nervous program is one of the best in era,

Apparently, we’ve got a 2nd ‘mind’ centre positioned within the tummy recognized because the photo voltaic plexus, indicating sunshine community – centre for anger integration and different crucial tasks regards soul evolving spiritually.

When Jesus in John 13-34 states “and now I provide you with a brand new commandment” in reasonable phrases, this ‘New’ is about awakening the mind’s nerve-community specifically unto increased rejuvenated place – unto neural pathways connecting the general physiological and psychological faculties optimally. These nerve centres have ordained cause: they help transcendence outdoors of the bodily physique unto everlasting consciousness despite the fact that nonetheless inhabiting the bodily system.

New commandment therefore is about kundalini awakening, the alchemizing miracle that rewires the thoughts. Acknowledged as [the] Ascension or Resurrection [of consciousness], this kundalini event, getting channelled up by the use of the spinal column, triggers the all-crucial method of awakening the mind’s pineal and pituitary glands, which then arouse and cell the cranial nerves into spiritual help, thus creating eternal bliss consciousness.

Two states of consciousness concurrently

Fluctuating primarily amongst wakeful, dreaming, and deep sleep, on account of being conscious of recent commandment consciousness, the central nervous process will get a brand new established-up, an association not previously recognised, that of sustaining eternal bliss consciousness with out discount the anxious approach withstanding two states of consciousness concurrently — relative [laws of nature] and absolute [beyond laws of nature] — not earlier possible in ‘pure man’ stage.

The Bible refers to this type of as Reality. In different phrases, New Commandment, on realization in simply consciousness, will get acknowledged Reality of the matter in every day on a regular basis dwelling – so, [the] Actual reality shall set you freed from cost [from the binding influence of natural man, the spiritually asleep or animalistic state of consciousness].

Two Queries

Within the context of the over scripture referring to the thoughts and central nervous system, two obvious queries come up: how just about can we ‘love only one one other’, love the 12 faculties, and the way can we provoke this process?

Fortunately, Luke 9-48 offers the answer.

Jesus said [unto the apostles] – the 12 cranial:

“He who’s least between you all is the best”

The time period ‘least’ is referring to taming the at any time-roaming decreased-moi-fed mind unto place recognition. Bringing the 12 mind faculties to ‘least between you all’, is by producing the scattered mind least, honing it to ‘level’, which converged goal within the mid mind expands the acutely aware potential of mind to endure bigger quantities of cosmic each day life pressure, or Bliss. Honing the roaming mind initiates Resolute mind place. The train unifies the thoughts colleges – 12 apostles — making it potential for pure consciousness mirror on account of the general physiology.– to contain the immune methodology.

‘Love one specific one other’ subsequently is about converging consciousness to level, when the psychological mechanisms change to non secular method, ascent to greater standing — from animalistic to presently being cosmically oriented. Getting least in consequence delivers about psychological/religious harmonization, subsequently attain: “he who’s minimal among the many you all is the most important”, it’s actually how ‘New Commandment’ arrives unto distinctive consciousness authentially.

Youth consciousness at any age

The preliminary regulation of the universe is buy, in consequence, by exposing the chaotic mind to cosmic concord in meditation, ‘pure man’ karmic patterns turn out to be built-in, de-potentialized regard future harmful seed-fruit train.

Within the meditative state of ‘level’ or ‘least’ the immune methodology can be dropped at the stage of cosmic buy — to immensity of energy and knowledge — when it self-primes for quick defending response versus coronavirus and international antigens coming into the physique.

Consequently, with the central and peripheral nervous models functioning optimally, ailment-totally free cell wellbeing is designed physiologically thus preservation of youth consciousness when difficulty or -infused mind expands the consciousness to face up to Perfection, subsequently is the absolute best wellbeing produced. Thus, meditation, which establishes new commandment, is the grasp essential unto perpetual like and youth-consciousness. Our psychological standing rooted in eternal natural pleasure and properly being, at any age.

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